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Meet the surf coach

Hi ! I'm Daniel

Daniel is a sports therapist & certified ISA II Surfcoach. Since his trip to New Zealand in 2009 he dedicates his life to surfing and coaching people to surf.

He is traveling Europe in his van to coach, does research and is always in contact with the surfing community. He has been coaching for more than ten years, which has given him a high level of surf coaching expertise. He shares his knowledge in learning videos on YouTube , in his surf coaching and the surf companion. His mission: Improve your surfing.

Meet the illustrator

Hi ! I'm Florian

Florian is a professional designer & illustrator and a passionate holiday surfer since 2013.

He knows all the struggles of learning surfers, as he is able to surf and get coaching only for a couple of weeks each year. This makes it a real challenge, to achieve a consistent learning curve.

To help solve that problem, over the years he has developed a visual format for illustrating surf techniques, maneuvers and strategies. This has not only enabled him to document his progress and learnings, but also to analyze his sessions and figure out ways to improve.

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We empower you to make the best decisions in your surfing.

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step-by-step explanation of all essential surf techniques.

Safetys & tips

as a beginner we make sure you have the safest start into your surf journey.

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write individual notes from your coaching or own experiences so you will never start at zero again.



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