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Read. Understand. Surf

Watch. Understand. Surf.

Train. Understand. Surf.

At Surf Companions we know there is more to improving your surfing than just putting in the hours.

 It’s HOW you practice, be it in the water or on land, that largely determines your progress. So, we have decided to put our long years of experience in surf coaching, sports sciences, and visual communication into a set of tools that empower you to become a better surfer and have more fun in the process!

Around our core product, the Surf Companion workbooks, we’re building a whole ecosystem of video tutorials and courses, simulation training, and one-on-one surf coaching, that combine to provide the ultimate learning journey to unleash your surfing! 

Our mission

Meet the experts behind the book

Daniel is a sports therapist and certified ISA II surf coach with 10 years of coaching experience gained around the world, and especially on the European Atlantic coast.
With his passion for teaching, photography and filming, he is the main creator behind our ever-growing library of video tutorials and courses, as well as our one-on-one surf coaching.

Florian is a professional designer & illustrator and a passionate holiday surfer. He knows all the struggles of learning to surf first hand. This led him to develop a visual format for illustrating surf techniques, maneuvers and strategies, as well as documenting and analyzing his progress and learning.

The result of this work combined with Daniel's extensive knowledge of surf coaching is the foundation of our Surf Companion workbooks.